First Global Data pats self on back for “growth”

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First Global Data Ltd. is providing the following corporate performance update.

Since the beginning of the third quarter 2016, the company has experienced an average of 18-per-cent growth week over week in its international payments business, representing an overall growth in transaction volumes of 2,869 per cent

Since the Sept. 20, 2016, launch of its mobile payment service in India, the company has experienced an average of 22-per-cent week-over-week growth in number of new customers and an average of 20-per-cent week-over-week growth in transaction volumes, with customers performing an average of three transactions each.

“These are extremely promising statistics especially when you consider the Indian toll stations accepting VPayQwik and the Hidase Telecom initiative in Ethiopia are not yet contributing factors. Fintech is the future and our mandate is future forward. The focus for 2017 is to continue deploying on numerous geographic segments with large enterprise partners, penetrating their respective embedded customer bases and monetizing these clients. We look forward to an exponential year of growth in 2017,” said Andre Itwaru, the company’s chairman and chief executive officer.




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